Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our "First" Neus 2009 Retreat

Back on July 24, 2009, we tried our first "Neus Retreat". I heard from one of our friends that their family gets together at local resorts and spends the weekend together. So I thought it would be fun. I looked up several local resorts and looked for things that everyone could do. I finally chose the Hilton Squaw Peak resort on 16th Street in Phoenix. We have alot of younger grandkids so I looked for the "water" and the cheaper rates.

Friday came and Tom and Katie got off work an hour early. So we were all packed and headed for the resort. We got a call from Michael on the way and he wanted to know where we were. When we got to the resort and found our room we called him. He gave his room number....they were next door to us. Then Brendon and Carrie got there. They were on the other side of us. Brian had to work on Saturday so his family joined us on Saturday afternoon. Kevin and his family joined also on Saturday at the pool. It was hard for us all to be at the pool at the same time. Those with younger kids had been swimming since morning and had to go down for naps. But finally Saturday afternoon we all made it to the pool.

After being water logged and sunburned we all went to dinner. All 26 of us!! We went to Aunt Chiladas, a mexican restaurant. You know the saying "All because 2 people fell in love". Looking down the table at the restaurant at "26" of us really brought that saying to life.

Maybe we'll do it next year! I know Tom and I enjoyed it. Thanks to all!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well here it goes!

What do you get a 13yr old grandson for Christmas? We decided to get Hunter a ticket to the "Harlem Globetrotters". Tom and I had never been and we thought Hunter would enjoy it.
So, last Saturday we went. We started by taking the new "Metro Light Rail" downtown. We got on at the beginning of the route and there was standing room only! But it was fun! We got downtown just in time for the game to start! It was good entertainment for both kids and adults. At the end of the game the Globetrotters stayed on the court for autographs. We got Hunter a basketball and off he went! The lines for long but he managed to get 5. We then surprised him and took him to eat at "Coopers Town". He informed us that he would like to work there someday! (I hope not). We had a super fun day with him. Now, what to get him next year!!!